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Custom WordPress Plugin Development

Custom WordPress Plugin Development Services.
OnePix develops websites and applications around the world, both for big businesses and startups.

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WordPress plugin development

Custom WordPress plugin development services

The popular CMS system is becoming a promising solution for the development of professional websites for doing business in various fields of activity. Customization of the initial functionality of a WordPress website is possible using special plugins; However, it is not always possible to find the right embedding plugin to meet the exact requirements and provide the website with the desired functionality.

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Order the development of plugins WordPress

Such a problem can be solved quite quickly with the involvement of a team of experienced WordPress plugin developers who create universal custom plugins for any technical specifications. OnePix is a leading IT company providing custom WordPress plugin development services to clients around the world according to the latest high quality standards.

We guarantee our clients the following features in cooperation:

  1. Responsible approach to studying the details of the technical specification.
  2. Responsiveness to required adjustments & revisions during work execution.
  3. Transparent workflow with progress tracking ability.
  4. Bringing final result to full compliance with customer’s wishes.

Applying an efficient method of developing/editing an existing plugin makes the work more streamlined, significantly reducing the costs involved. This practice has a great effect on the comfort of customers, while increasing the speed of development. Most likely, you need to implement complex functionality on your website, but there was no suitable one among the plugins from the WordPress library. However, this is not a problem, OnePix will gladly provide professional assistance.

Get in touch with OnePix. Contact our consultant for a professional discussion of your development requirements and estimated lead times. The operator will also issue a specific price list for a particular task, pronouncing the cost of each individual stage of the future workflow. Leave a callback request in the online form, or write to us in a convenient messenger. We will contact you shortly.

Project management

Qualified project manager is assigned to absolutely every client at the time of cooperation. This practice guarantees an optimized workflow and the fulfillment of every detail of the customer’s requirements in a short time without any shortcomings. The employee works through each stage of development, agreeing with the customer on the terms & cost of implementation.

Programmers technical requirements performance

Trained programmers have relevant knowledge to work with WordPress and a large number of successfully built web solutions. A team of experienced experts develop the necessary addon/WordPress plugin customization. After the work is fully completed and agreed with the customer, this plugin is sent to the team of testers and plugin setup specialists.

Plugin settings

Specialists carry out all the settings by connecting the implemented plugin to the website, testing every detail of the functionality. Upon completion of this procedure, the work is considered fully completed and does not require any modifications. However, OnePix, if necessary, provides services to expand the functionality and maintain existing WordPress websites.

Contact OnePix consultant for an in-depth analysis of the project and the required functionality. Clients can discuss all the necessary details and the future workflow in a short time, agreeing on every detail. Leave a request in the contact form online or write an email. You will receive feedback in a short time, getting the opportunity to discuss the project and get answers to any question of interest.

OnePix WordPress plugin development company strengths

Leading IT company is involved in complex web solutions development, including developing custom WordPress plugins and other useful solutions for WordPress & other CMS systems. The high level of staff qualification provides you with reliability in an optimized source code, which makes a significant contribution to the efficiency of the completed solution, speeding up the performance of the website.

Project management is our main advantage, since each client who applies gets a personal manager who leads the project from start to finish. This employee builds a plan for the implementation of technical tasks in such a way that all the forces of custom WordPress developers are distributed and aimed at the early execution of every detail, fully satisfying the needs of the customer.

OnePix values ​​its reputation, treating each individual order with care in order to obtain the highest possible ratings for work and recommendations after cooperation. Extensive experience of programmers & transparent implementation of technical requirements increases the speed of building a web solution and optimizes the required finances.

What is custom plugin development cost?

Custom WordPress plugin development services cost always directly depends on the amount of future work. The workflow principle is based on the provided technical specifications, on the basis of which the project manager determines the deadlines, coordinating the team with the provision of details on the required amounts to pay for the services. OnePix is interested in making cooperation impeccable and comfortable for customers. Therefore, we make every effort to reduce the final cost of completing tasks in accordance with deadlines.

Contact a personal manager for professional advice in a short time. The specialist will clarify every detail of the technical specifications of the project, applying an innovative and efficient approach to workflow planning. You will receive detailed information and clarification about the cost of providing services and the approximate time frame for building custom plugin solutions.

Hire WordPress plugin developers from OnePix

Significant experience of the WordPress developers team provides customers with excellent conditions for cooperation with OnePix. We guarantee the provision of high quality services according to innovative quality standards with high performance. Individual advantages of our programmers promise customers the following benefits:

  • vast practical experience with large performed solutions number;
  • high knowledge level of required tools & frameworks;
  • full involvement in your order until complete implementation;
  • providing regular reporting on completed tasks.

Regular checks of the qualification level of the team member are carried out constantly. This technique allows us to identify the strengths and weaknesses of employees, which has a good effect on the final productivity of developers, including improving the performance optimization of the server component of addons. Transparent workflow means that customers can track the current state of project progress and see which specific stage is being worked on. Such a solution gives customers the confidence that their order will be executed with high quality and without any errors & inconsistencies with technical recommendations.

Hire professional team of WordPress plugin developers from a top IT company. OnePix promises to provide high level custom WordPress plugin development services in a short time. Leave a request for a callback or contact the operator directly using the contact information posted on the site. Experts will gladly fulfill your order within the specified deadlines, promising brilliant quality.

Our values

  • Reliability and confidence

    Reliability and confidence

    We divide the project into stages. You only pay for the result of each stage.
  • Transparency of processes

    Transparency of processes

    Our managers provide regular reporting through the Hubstuff tracking system
  • International standards

    International standards

    We use world standards in website development and project management.
  • Long-term relationships

    Long-term relationships

    Between immediate benefits and permanent partnership, we choose the second option.

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Technical specifications

Creating a website with a controlled result requires a detailed technical task for development, which will not leave space for fictions and will allow you to structure tasks — this is the key to the success of any successful project. The client must receive exactly the product that was agreed upon.
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How we work

We break down the work into stages
Technical specification is a document that describes the goals, requirements, and functionality of a web project under development, and also defines clear timeline for its implementation. The technical specification is essential for the success of any project as it ensures that the client receives exactly the product agreed upon.The technical specification is the basis for communication between the client and the developer and serves as a guide for all stages of development.The clear project structure provided in the document protects the client from additional unplanned expenses that may arise without it.
Wireframing process is creating visual flowcharts that define the interface architecture and arrangement of all elements on the pages of the website or mobile application. Such prototypes demonstrate and determine where exactly and in what proportions functional blocks will be implemented. A prototype forms the basis, and then designers create a visualization of the project. Recommendation materials and references agreed upon with the client and reflected in the technical specifications can also help the designers. Generally, the materials relate to colors, shapes, and logos that should organically appear on the new site.
The modern approach assumes the presence of block elements for arranging content on pages. Under this approach, any new page can be assembled of existing elements in an original or standardized layout. It makes further content management easier even in cases when a client decides to do it on their own. When the layouts and elements are ready, they are sent to the client for approval.
Then design layouts are sent to the front-end developer, whose task is to turn the template into code and connect the layout with the control system. First, a home/landing page is created. Then, all subpages are added following the site hierarchy. Dynamic elements and adaptability for mobile devices are implemented after the static layout is ready. Then, layout files go through testing by an expert who scans for bugs on the user side using various devices and browsers, checks the code validity, and whether the final layout corresponds to the initial one. The results of this stage are provided to the client.
In our company, QA (quality assurance) occupies a special place. We not only do testing as such, but we also ensure the quality of the final product. The process starts with the communication with our clients who inform us about their general needs and the ultimate goal. At this point, we figure out how to make sure that the final product will be spotless. Further, (at the stages of design creation, development, implementation) we responsibly keep on pursuing our goal - creation of an excellent product. This implies design development that fully satisfies our customers & the application of the latest technologies & writing autotests for catching bugs at the earliest stage & compiling a complete project documentation (test plan, checklists, test cases, etc.)
This stage comes before delivery to the client and includes final testing of the project, code review, code optimisation, and project launch. It is important to test all the aspects so that a user doesn’t face any errors in the release version and a client doesn’t miss the commercial benefit. Each software module and all the visual elements are thoroughly checked for errors and breakdowns. We use code validators and cross-code reviews to ensure that the project complies with current web standards and meets all the requirements of the technical specification. Valid code is required for cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility, as well as for SEO. After the site has been thoroughly checked, the next step is uploading the project to the server. After successful uploading, the project is checked again to ensure its integrity and exclude possible errors.
Maintenance after project delivery includes monitoring, improvements, and regular updates. It is important to remember that a website is more of a service than a product. Submitting and uploading the site to the client’s server is not enough. It is necessary to monitor the website under load within 1-3 months to ensure that it works correctly for mass use. That will adjust its performance if the client’s business has a seasonality factor. For example, a feedback system added to the website will enable the detection of possible problems that only end users face. In this case the highest priority is to fix the problems as quickly as possible - If you don't, one day you may find your clients prefer using a different site.

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