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WooCommerce Development Services

Services for developing WebSites on WooCommerce.
OnePix develops websites and applications around the world, both for big businesses and startups.

WooCommerce development

WooCommerce development services

Digital shopping like Shopify and Amazon are becoming popular trading platforms as an effective and profitable tool, the absence of which can lead firm will cease to exist. 25 percent of sales of services and goods occur within the trading markets. Your products can be sold worldwide by a functional e-commerce portal visually adapted to modern market demands. The Internet allows you to save time, money and effort, there is no need to wait for the store to open to make a purchase, and the assortment amazes even the most skeptical buyer.

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WooCommerce Development

The development of online stores through the WooCommerce plugin development allows company owners to increase sales. The online store is perfect for both a startup and a company whose brand awareness may be higher. This tool is a leader in eCommerce web portals resource development. OnePix certified WooCommerce developers not only develop search engines optimized stores, but also focus on building a healthy competitiveness for your business. Not every competitor will be able to do API integration, payment gateway integration, CRM as well. You are just call away from custom development of your upcoming project by using WooCommerce development services.

Why need to hire our leading WooCommerce development company?

The process of cooperation with dedicated team of our web studio will lead business owners to a finished ecommerce product, which is a modern online shop that meets all project requirements, business demands and fulfills all the goals outlined in the business strategy. Our marketing managers, who are well-versed in the development services, are ready to offer you an initial free negotiation, which will be able to outline the goals of your enterprise business needs and the possibilities for their implementation.

We propose to consider what distinguishes the WooCommerce plugin development in our company, in contrast to other expert developers providing migration services:

  • accuracy at any of development phase and reliability – optimizing and automating work processes of custom development, which affects the level of holistic workflow;
  • high quality of services – the OnePix team offers WooCommerce development and support services and provides high performing websites with technical support from the initial stage and after the launch of the project;
  • application of WooCommerce solutions – our company is devoting time to studying the WooCommerce migration and updating modules;
  • internal analysis – as a leading WooCommerce development agency, we providing project manager which will conduct an in-depth analysis of the enterprise to identify its strengths and weaknesses;
  • working with artificial intelligence and prototypes – use of artificial intelligence and prototypes, which affect the development time of ecommerce resources;
  • quality assurance – experienced and reliable specialists of the company primarily pay attention to the work quality of the developed projects, and we conduct a huge number of tests WordPress sites before launch;
  • complete transparency of actions – any step taken by our WooCommerce experts is transferred to the customer: you can control and track the process of work on the creation of WooCommerce web development project;
  • support and further promotion – OnePix studio managers are ready to help: we are in touch with our customers and ready to fix any problems at WooCommerce ecommerce stores website.

WooCommerce plugin development services

WooCommerce is an affordable, efficient and popular ecommerce platform that has no limits on orders and audience base compare to other numerous plugins. These factors have a good effect on the possibilities that WooCommerce handle for building a unique platform and its track. You can develop the functions of the trading resource in accordance with the norms of the ecommerce stores. This application allows you to administer an online platform and work around the world. In order to find out in more detail the features of the WooCommerce website development services, you should call the sales department and reach our project manager.

We propose to consider WooCommerce services that can change the vector of development of your enterprise today by using the experience and professionalism of OnePix WooCommerce developers:

  1. PSD to WooCommerce site migration – providing transfer from PSD file to WooCommerce area.
  2. Web design – we create creative interface prototypes for future projects that will deliver tens of thousands of people with their user-friendly interface.
  3. WooCommerce Theme Development – we will help you decide on a suitable WooCommerce theme development and offer copyright themes.
  4. Extension development – OnePix web team also specializes in creating author’s extensions for modules that affect the functions and allow the business to scale.
  5. Custom WooCommerce store creation – we customize ecommerce store in accordance with how it is convenient for you. Satisfy your needs with our WooCommerce team development company.
  6. Support services of the scheme – with the help of our WooCommerce development support of taking care of client web resources, they always remain relevant, safe and effective.

The main steps of WooCommerce developers work

We are focused on the best results and has its own algorithm for how to make an online store from a regular WordPress site. In order to study in detail all the processes and ask questions that interest you, you need to contact our sales department. We propose to consider step by step how the store is being developed by the leading company OnePix in WooCommerce.

Get a free consultation of leading WooCommerce development agency

At the initial stage, for cooperation with our WooCommerce development team, you should come to the decision to create a store based on WooCommerce website. You should contact our sales department to get a consultation and decide on what date you need to set the next stage of your open source platform web development, which will soon attract new live customer base, and affect your business – strategy and conversion rate as well.

Acquaintance with the company for creating WooCommerce ecommerce concept

At the next stage, a specialist in the field of marketing and analytics will be assigned to you, whose tasks include collecting information, finding strengths and weaknesses, and obtaining data on possible competitors. The terms of business requirements for the entire project are formed and the expected results of project’s size of the client are determined, to which OnePix will bring as close as possible in the future.

Ecommerce development project approval

After a detailed check of all information, the expected results and technical tasks are formed. If the project is not approved, then a meeting is held again in order to detect the most effective solutions for your enterprise. If the project is approved, our company will provide documents and guarantees and proceed to the further actions.

Project work

At this stage, after receiving the terms of reference and customer expectations, our developers and designers start working on perfect solution prototypes of the user interface or WooCommerce store theme development for the future store. Further, the prototypes and themes are transferred to the developers and the code of all the functionalities of the commercial resource is written. Next, the code is translated into a customized form, and this is where testing begins, which allows you to detect problems in the developed resource and fix them before launching the web portal.


After the portal has passed all the checks and the problems have been fixed, everything is tested again and sent to customers. If the client approves the project, then it is published on the Internet, and if not, then the next improvements are carried out. The further step comes when the site starts to operate and display on all devices.

Support and development

Our marketing department employs specialists whose tasks include the development of your published resource. With the help of writing content, information is filled in the store, and SEO optimization tools will allow you to declare the site in search engines at the support period. This stage can be carried out once, or it can take place continuously at the level of a monthly subscription to our instruments, depending on the wishes of the clients.

What is the cost of professional WooCommerce custom development?

The unique development of a WooCommerce store based on WordPress is an individual algorithm for developing a commerce area from scratch. So, the owners of easy stores will need a small site with basic functions, while the portal of a large commercial company will fundamentally differ in functionality. Prices also change depends on the chosen templates for interface design or creation of the author’s visual concept. It’s a mistake to believe that the development of a commercial website is expensive. Give our office a call and get a free consultation that will help you set your budget and expectations from working with us.

Our values

  • Reliability and confidence

    Reliability and confidence

    We divide the project into stages. You only pay for the result of each stage.
  • Transparency of processes

    Transparency of processes

    Our managers provide regular reporting through the Hubstuff tracking system
  • International standards

    International standards

    We use world standards in website development and project management.
  • Long-term relationships

    Long-term relationships

    Between immediate benefits and permanent partnership, we choose the second option.

Get a free consultation

As part of the consultation on the creation of a website or application, we will clarify the necessary information for the analysis of your project

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Satisfied customers
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Technical specifications

Creating a website with a controlled result requires a detailed technical task for development, which will not leave space for fictions and will allow you to structure tasks — this is the key to the success of any successful project. The client must receive exactly the product that was agreed upon.
Convenient format
You can choose the format yourself: Notion, Doc or hh
Everything is ready in 5 days
Get a resume and a cover letter on request in 5 working days
Convenient format
No need to call up, the expert will ask all the questions in the chat

Our real-time roadmap allows you to
follow the process from start to finish

Our Hubstaff system allows you to track the project
development every step of the way

Pre-project documentation preparation

Pre-project Documentation preparation

Pre-project documentation preparation

The pre-project stage is a detailed architectural and construction plan of a project – a set of instructions reflecting the general logic of a web service to achieve extraordinary results.

Preparation of technical requirements

Preparation of Technical Requirements

Preparation of technical requirements

At this stage, we create a document describing the goals and objectives set for the developers and implement the optimal development strategy.




This consists of prototyping and development of design layouts.

The design stage is devoted to creating visual block diagrams that define the resource architecture and the location of all elements of platforms.

Front-end development

Front-end Development

Front-end development

During this stage, we hand over our design layouts to our team of front-end developers. They turn the template into code and link the structure to the control system. Next, the layout files go through the testing stage.

Back-end development

Back-end Development

Back-end development

This stage includes setting up the server, implementing the functional areas of the site, and linking them to the CMS system database, integrating the system with the user, etc.

Project release

Project Release

Project release

This stage precedes delivery to the customer. It is accompanied by final project testing, code review (code diagnostics and optimization), and the project launch.




Websites may crash from time to time, so it’s essential to ensure a solid support process. We are a reliable partner who will live up to your expectations and ensure top-notch site support.

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