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Development mobile app for request for apps development

We ourselves did not notice how applications entered our lives. And now all our activity is described by them: a step counter app, a news tracker app, a cooking app, to call a taxi, even to make dates and check the likeness of characters!

It takes less time for mobile app development than for creating a full-fledged website. At the same time, mobile apps are just as functional, convenient, and, most importantly, much more accessible, because they are installed on mobile devices. In order of mobile application development, you need to think about such things, as the development environment, and specialized utilities involved.
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Development company mobile business apps

Just the latter can be mobile applications for other mobile application development. Indeed, isn’t it logical to place all the tools for creating applications in another compact mobile app – this can greatly facilitate the work of professional developers. As a result, such activity has turned into an independent business of development mobile app for request for apps development with great prospects. Worthy ideas are worth their weight in gold here, and as for implementation, here, as in no other niche of IT development, it is recommended to resort to the services of professional mobile app developers. Such as in the OnePix company.

Using existing web apps builders and different software development kits

Their use can significantly speed up mobile application development process. There are a lot of such web application platforms, which means that you will surely be able to choose the constructor that will contain the most complete functionality to implement your idea. Here are the names of some design apps: App Institute; AppMakr; Como; Business Apps; jQuery Mobile; Google Apps and so on. However, it makes sense to listen to the assessments of IT specialists – for example, the developers of OnePix. Choosing an already created on old operating system platform with someone else’s tools, included standard web technologies, app design, and even user interface of the past for traditional mobile app development, you will be forced to use only those options and features that are programmed in other constructors. And if the essence of your idea is some fundamentally, new function that should be contained in mobile app, then you are unlikely to be able to implement it using the old constructor. The principle here is that in order to create something fundamentally new, you first need to create fundamentally new tools.

Developing mobile applications of your own

Own “produsing base” gives significant pluses. It’s like having your own set of development tools when you need to make repairs to your house. You are not only constrained by anything in the embodiment of your idea, but you also get the opportunity to improve your virtual constructor when creating new applications. A lot of processes are simplified and cheaper, and you get a number of new features, moreover:

  • first, you do not need to pay for a license to use someone else’s platform;
  • secondly, you will know exactly what options are included in your platform (after all, the accuracy of describing foreign constructors is very conditional);
  • and thirdly, by creating your own design for the app, you acquire an effective toolkit with which you can release every new mobile app to the market faster (your productivity will increase significantly).

However, you should reasonably evaluate your own strengths. Creating a ready-made mobile application (using the “No coding” technology, for example) and creating a platform for writing new native apps are far from the same thing. The platform is much more complicated, and it will be impossible to do without writing a full-fledged code. You also need to have a clear logical thinking and have an idea about the algorithm for writing computer programs. And we are talking not only about coding itself, but also about the correct sequence of actions, which is the basis for effective work on the creation of any software product. If you do not have these skills, then OnePix recommends that you hire its development team with all the specified competencies and experience for development mobile app for request for apps development. Firstly, you will be able to free up your time, and secondly, you will receive the required product by the deadline.

Development process

The general flowchart of development mobile app for request for apps development is usually the same for all developers. But as the proverb says, “every hut has its own rattles,” and OnePix has its own standards of mobile app development process, which significantly improve the quality of finished software products. Let’s analyze this algorithm in detail.

Formulation of the platform idea as a first stage of creating mobile apps

Here it is necessary to formulate a clear description of the product (with its main properties), which is expected to be obtained as a result. The description should not be contradictory or unrealistic. It is formed not by customers at all, but by OnePix developers, taking primary information about the idea from the customer. Ways to implement the idea are outlined and a list of key requirements for the software product is compiled.

Implementation of the design as a stage of building mobile apps

A project map is issuing, which should reflect all the key functions of the platform. The so-called “chips” of the application should also be present there, which will distinguish it from other products (and there are no analogues yet). A series of prototypes is created corresponding to each key transition and main functions.

Mobile app design process

OnePix IT specialists in app’s design render all kinds of graphical interface of all windows under various scenarios. And then a mandatory usability study is carried out so that you can understand the ergonomics of application programming interface, as well as evaluate their effectiveness.

App code layout

Coding consists of several intermediate steps. And after each stage of mobile app development, the customer receives a working “section” of the program for approval. OnePix specialists do not use any cross-platform solutions – to contract original especial native mobile applications, it’s needed to form only original native code.

Mobile apps applied testing phase

Ready mobile app development platforms are usually installed on the customer’s mobile devices (smartphones), and its functionality is tested by consistent practical web app immediately fixed by our mobile app developers. As a result of mobile app testing, the finished platform must fully comply with the terms of reference.

Publication as the last stage of mobile apps development process

The publication is made after finishing of mobile development process, and the acceptance certificate of ready development platform is signed. We are talking about getting the developed mobile app into the Apple app store and Google Play (GP). Teams of experts at these marketplaces carefully study the software products offered to them for placement in terms of their functionality. Publishing on GP takes about one day, and on the App Store – at least a week.

OnePix integrated approach of mobile app development process

Now evaluate your own capabilities for mobile app development and compare them with this algorithm. Are your actions in line with it? If not, then we are not talking about good app development, which means that you will not be able to create a high-quality mobile platform. Contact OnePix, hire our highly qualified specialists, and we will help you:

  1. Design a business model, as well as a strategy for the phased implementation of a web app.
  2. Analyze the requirements and business processes, as a result of which it will be possible to correct the final mobile app, for the creation of which the design platform is formed.
  3. To carry out marketing and technical audit.
  4. Conduct requirements management at all stages of the project.

Digital marketing services pricing model

The cost is finally determined only after all the requirements for the project have been aggregated, and in addition, the initial prototype has been prepared as part of the terms of reference. (Before starting the development mobile app for request for apps development certainly). One way or another, payment is tied to the release of the mobile applications developed. The cost also takes into account the volume and scope of work within the project. If we compare the absolute price level for a platform-constructor with cars, then our native applications with basic functionality (minimum viable product) will cost as a middle-class car.

Our values

  • Reliability and confidence

    Reliability and confidence

    We divide the project into stages. You only pay for the result of each stage.
  • Transparency of processes

    Transparency of processes

    Our managers provide regular reporting through the Hubstuff tracking system
  • International standards

    International standards

    We use world standards in website development and project management.
  • Long-term relationships

    Long-term relationships

    Between immediate benefits and permanent partnership, we choose the second option.

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Creating a website with a controlled result requires a detailed technical task for development, which will not leave space for fictions and will allow you to structure tasks — this is the key to the success of any successful project. The client must receive exactly the product that was agreed upon.
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Pre-project documentation preparation

Pre-project Documentation preparation

Pre-project documentation preparation

The pre-project stage is a detailed architectural and construction plan of a project – a set of instructions reflecting the general logic of a web service to achieve extraordinary results.

Preparation of technical requirements

Preparation of Technical Requirements

Preparation of technical requirements

At this stage, we create a document describing the goals and objectives set for the developers and implement the optimal development strategy.




This consists of prototyping and development of design layouts.

The design stage is devoted to creating visual block diagrams that define the resource architecture and the location of all elements of platforms.

Front-end development

Front-end Development

Front-end development

During this stage, we hand over our design layouts to our team of front-end developers. They turn the template into code and link the structure to the control system. Next, the layout files go through the testing stage.

Back-end development

Back-end Development

Back-end development

This stage includes setting up the server, implementing the functional areas of the site, and linking them to the CMS system database, integrating the system with the user, etc.

Project release

Project Release

Project release

This stage precedes delivery to the customer. It is accompanied by final project testing, code review (code diagnostics and optimization), and the project launch.




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