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Presentation Design Services

Presentation Design Services.

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Presentation design services

Presentation design services

In our time, visibility is highly valued. And if you have an expensive project for which you are seeking funding, then the best way to present it to an interested people is through a presentation. It helps to form a detailed idea of your project, down to significant details. In addition, well-prepared presentation material convinces potential investors of the seriousness of your intentions.


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Presentation development services

But presentations are used not only in the field of investments. They are also needed to present new products/ services, and simply to visually present the material during the lesson (well, or when defending a term paper). In each case, presentation materials are different, with their own accents and structure – they must necessarily meet the tasks facing them.

In addition, different editors are used to prepare presentations, which means that the compilers must have the appropriate experience and skills in using them. It is quite rational, instead of “poking around” yourself, mastering the next editor, to hire qualified developers at presentation design services to complete this task. Such as OnePix companie’s presentation experts.

Presentation Goals from point of view of presentations design agency

As already noted, presentation materials can be intended for different target audiences. The choice of the target audience depends on the complexity of the materials being compiled, the speed of the project, as well as its cost. The most common are the following.

Presentation design service for clients

It should be capacious and convincing in substantiating the utility of the product for the consumer. Such materials are further subdivided into “warm”, “cold” and “hot” (depending on the “warmth” of the audience). All of them are based on the same structure, and the differences are in the emotional color and accents. A presentation for a hot audience focuses on the novelty of the product, while for a cold audience, the disclosure and solution of customer problems is more important.

Corporate presentations (for job colleagues)

Such materials are usually used at corporate official events (non-holiday nature). The main function here is a visual presentation of the theses, entire logical structure of the report, and compelling narrative. As a rule, each of the PowerPoint slides is devoted to one thought. A feature in such presentations is that there are sometimes more graphic elements in them than the text itself.

Business presentation design services (sales presentations)

These are not the most complex models, however, the most responsible. For OnePix developers, they occupy the largest share in the total volume of orders. The quality of the execution of such materials depends on the receipt of investments, the implementation of additional capitalization of the company, the conclusion of mergers, the formation of partnerships, the sale of a business or other purposes which businessmen decided to achieve. Here you need to focus on the strengths of the project, however, weaknesses cannot be ignored – one should be extremely honest. There must be a perfect balance: advantages should be presented in such a way that they seem as “weighty” as possible, and at the same time disadvantages look like “temporary shortcomings”. Slides should reinforce the presentation of the presenters, but the people’s attention should be focused solely on them.

Presentation Formats

The format depends on the audience for which the presentation is being created, what its value orientations and educational level are, and what goals the speaker (speaker) pursues. In the practice of OnePix developers, the following formats are the most common.

PDF version

The main emphasis here is on semantics, that is, on content. Graphic effects are also present here, but in a modest amount – to make it convenient and pleasant to read, nothing more. All attention is on the content creation. One version of PDF is printed materials. Such presentations are usually prepared for colleagues or for a “cold” client audience.

PowerPoint presentation

This is a more advanced form, where the form of presentation often prevails over the content. PowerPoint presentation is often ordered by entrepreneurs who want to receive funding for their projects. In general, materials of this type are extremely popular (e.g., sales presentation, custom presentation, and even new software or a website presentation), so it is not uncommon to meet a highly specialized PowerPoint presentation design company on the market.

Online presentation

It is a landing page specially created for a specific representative event. An engine can be built into it that receives some primary data from other Internet resources, analyzes them for presentation purposes, and automatically generates the necessary conclusions (PowerPoint presentations don’t give that opportunity). This form is also very common for presenting commercial projects. However, since creation of such presentation landing pages is a very expensive order, these presentation materials are used only in the case of large projects (for example, business mergers, where a PowerPoint presentation looks “a little bit cheap”).

If you have an extremely important decision on your agenda, or you are on the eve of a defining event, then you should not trust the creation of presentation materials (what ever it is – PowerPoint presentations or pitch decks performance) to anyone other than highly qualified professionals. Like the OnePix IT consultants.

Stages of developing in presentation design companies

Many people think that they are quite capable of preparing presentation on their own. Well, perhaps this is so, however, it makes sense to begin with to come to a “common denominator”, that is, to understand that the word “presentation” means the same thing.

Let’s be clear the main stages of the professional development of such materials on the example of the work of professional programmers creating a presentation for a new product released to the market:

  1. A detailed study of the client’s business, his target audience and competitors to identify customers real aims.
  2. Creating strategy, concept, and design (including corporate branding, if need).
  3. Filling forms with presentation content.
  4. Creating of elements (including those related to the structure) that will make this presentation unique.
  5. Final coordination with the client: layout and transfer of the finished presentation in all forms: in print (if it is supposed), but most importantly – in electronic.

Ask yourself if you are also capable of systematically doing everything yourself. If not, then do not hesitate – hire professionals at presentation design services, and you will not be disappointed with the result.

How much do presentation designers cost and why OnePix?

If you do decide to prepare the presentation yourself, then the opportunity cost of all those activities and actions that you could have done during this time will determine its price. And if you have a serious business, then this cost will be very impressive.

It is quite possible that no matter how complex the presentation you order from the side, it still does not compare with your opportunity costs.

However, when planning the budget, it makes sense to take into account the following characteristics of the presentation, which significantly affect the cost of its development:

  • the volume of the provided and designed text, as well as graphics;
  • availability of corporate identity and company guidebook;
  • visualization complexity and graphic style;
  • tight deadline that do not allow working out several options.

Real experts from presentation design services will be able to develop a perfect presentation even in a day! However, this will require the engaging of more specialists, therefore, in such cases, the so-called increasing factor of urgency is provided.

Why does it make sense to contact OnePix presentation design company on this issue? Firstly, because we do not practice any templates – only individual developments for each project. Secondly, the company offers a comfortable payment mode: advance payment – no more than 50%.

Our values

  • Reliability and confidence

    Reliability and confidence

    We divide the project into stages. You only pay for the result of each stage.
  • Transparency of processes

    Transparency of processes

    Our managers provide regular reporting through the Hubstuff tracking system
  • International standards

    International standards

    We use world standards in website development and project management.
  • Long-term relationships

    Long-term relationships

    Between immediate benefits and permanent partnership, we choose the second option.

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Technical specifications

Creating a website with a controlled result requires a detailed technical task for development, which will not leave space for fictions and will allow you to structure tasks — this is the key to the success of any successful project. The client must receive exactly the product that was agreed upon.
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How we work

We break down the work into stages
Technical specification is a document that describes the goals, requirements, and functionality of a web project under development, and also defines clear timeline for its implementation. The technical specification is essential for the success of any project as it ensures that the client receives exactly the product agreed upon.The technical specification is the basis for communication between the client and the developer and serves as a guide for all stages of development.The clear project structure provided in the document protects the client from additional unplanned expenses that may arise without it.
Wireframing process is creating visual flowcharts that define the interface architecture and arrangement of all elements on the pages of the website or mobile application. Such prototypes demonstrate and determine where exactly and in what proportions functional blocks will be implemented. A prototype forms the basis, and then designers create a visualization of the project. Recommendation materials and references agreed upon with the client and reflected in the technical specifications can also help the designers. Generally, the materials relate to colors, shapes, and logos that should organically appear on the new site.
The modern approach assumes the presence of block elements for arranging content on pages. Under this approach, any new page can be assembled of existing elements in an original or standardized layout. It makes further content management easier even in cases when a client decides to do it on their own. When the layouts and elements are ready, they are sent to the client for approval.
Then design layouts are sent to the front-end developer, whose task is to turn the template into code and connect the layout with the control system. First, a home/landing page is created. Then, all subpages are added following the site hierarchy. Dynamic elements and adaptability for mobile devices are implemented after the static layout is ready. Then, layout files go through testing by an expert who scans for bugs on the user side using various devices and browsers, checks the code validity, and whether the final layout corresponds to the initial one. The results of this stage are provided to the client.
In our company, QA (quality assurance) occupies a special place. We not only do testing as such, but we also ensure the quality of the final product. The process starts with the communication with our clients who inform us about their general needs and the ultimate goal. At this point, we figure out how to make sure that the final product will be spotless. Further, (at the stages of design creation, development, implementation) we responsibly keep on pursuing our goal - creation of an excellent product. This implies design development that fully satisfies our customers & the application of the latest technologies & writing autotests for catching bugs at the earliest stage & compiling a complete project documentation (test plan, checklists, test cases, etc.)
This stage comes before delivery to the client and includes final testing of the project, code review, code optimisation, and project launch. It is important to test all the aspects so that a user doesn’t face any errors in the release version and a client doesn’t miss the commercial benefit. Each software module and all the visual elements are thoroughly checked for errors and breakdowns. We use code validators and cross-code reviews to ensure that the project complies with current web standards and meets all the requirements of the technical specification. Valid code is required for cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility, as well as for SEO. After the site has been thoroughly checked, the next step is uploading the project to the server. After successful uploading, the project is checked again to ensure its integrity and exclude possible errors.
Maintenance after project delivery includes monitoring, improvements, and regular updates. It is important to remember that a website is more of a service than a product. Submitting and uploading the site to the client’s server is not enough. It is necessary to monitor the website under load within 1-3 months to ensure that it works correctly for mass use. That will adjust its performance if the client’s business has a seasonality factor. For example, a feedback system added to the website will enable the detection of possible problems that only end users face. In this case the highest priority is to fix the problems as quickly as possible - If you don't, one day you may find your clients prefer using a different site.

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