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Magento Development

Services for developing WebSites on Magento.
OnePix develops websites and applications around the world, both for big businesses and startups.

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Magento development

Magento development services

Business influence spread on the Internet is becoming popular, promising stable income building method. Global Internet – actual path to successful regular processes adjusting in conduct of commercial enterprises. Ecommerce platform, developed according to latest high-quality standards, allows businessmen accelerate expansion & performance procedures. Magento platform is relevant CMS that has been operating several decades, allowing complex unique conceptual Internet resources creation. Each correctly performed web resource brings significant results to it’s owner.

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Magento development company

OnePix – leading IT company offering professional Magento development services/hiring qualified Magento web developers. Our agency’s employees have significant experience in creating multi-level websites & mobile applications, guaranteeing clients an exclusively individual approach using an effective method. This using optimized solutions practice allows us working quickly, completing projects on time.

Over the course of our work, we have successfully built many Magento ecommerce solutions of high complexity. More than seven years of practical experience in modern web development contributes to accelerated OnePix team organization. We give 100% guarantee that only qualified professionals will perform your tasks, as we do not hire low or medium-level junior programmers.

Each client in cooperation with us is satisfied with following strengths:

  • responsible attitude & competent, tolerant communication;
  • deep knowledge combined with extensive experience;
  • responsive support service working around the clock;
  • bringing the final product to perfect state.

Do you need a quality online store with online sales & business expansion in the online space? Cooperate with experienced IT agency offering professional Magento services worldwide. Contact the operator in an acceptable way that you see on the site/leave a callback request. The consultant will call / write to you in short time, clarifying all future project implementation details, collecting information & materials required to get started.

Simplified interaction with customers

Modern integrations into a live site add useful customer interaction features. Online chats, automatic processing of requests, collection of contact data – all this makes it easy to control the incoming traffic of potential buyers by collecting an extensive database. Also, online chat-adding ability guarantees significant potential customer number increase

Convenient statistics tracking

Storing data in portable databases makes a significant contribution to your company management. Store/service provider website automatically saves user data by analyzing it. Upon analysis procedure completion, administrator can access generated statistics, based on which you can make digital solution improvements or identify relevant product categories.

Connecting payment gateways to receive payments

Online payments implemented in Internet store not only facilitate paying process, but also make significant contribution to sales number increasing. Leads visiting online store are especially trusting in resources that provide payment with bank card. In addition, when buyer gets opportunity to pay for the goods right now – purchase probability increases several times.

Marketing tricks to achieve high CPM scores

Variety of online marketing techniques to promote your company – also great benefit of expanding your business. OnePix provides experienced Internet marketers teams with extensive hands-on experience. Such strategies are aimed at high results in form of tangible increase in customers and, accordingly, overall income increase.

Process Automation

Magento site allows you to fully automate most of management required processes. Among these processes are necessary procedures updating warehouse data, maintaining tables with sales quantities & financial management. Such practices allow business owner to hire fewer employees, which means saving money allocated to pay routine tasks performance that will be automated.

Leading Magento development company

Reliable responsible contractors are ready to build multi-level business web-sites in a short time. OnePix differs from similar companies in its individual approach to the implementation of each task. We do not put orders on the conveyor, we separately study each item of the technical task, drawing up a personal plan oriented to creating a unique solution. This practice becomes an exclusive solution that allows you to approach the implementation of each task more effectively.

The extensive experience of the staff provides customers with excellent provided Magento development services quality guarantee. We execute each project to full completion, adhering to all universal quality standards & specifications.

Also, our Magento developers team gives customers following appropriate guarantees in case of cooperation:

  1. Responsive attitude to required adjustments.
  2. Guaranteed completion of all assigned tasks according to deadlines.
  3. Each step coordination without self-activity.
  4. Brilliant quality achievement & total satisfaction.

Certified Magento developers have been working in a well-organized team for more than seven years. During this time, OnePix employees have successfully provided full-cycle development of optimized web products to more than a thousand clients around the world. A responsible approach to the study of technical requirements and 24/7 support service provide customers with confidence in responsible technical task implementation on specified time.

If you are interested in creating a conceptual digital solution for running your business on the Internet, please leave a callback request. A trained specialist will contact you at a convenient time, conducting an audit of your project & technical specifications. Upon completion of the data analysis, you will receive a breakdown of the time to complete all the tasks and the approximate cost. We are waiting for your application and will be happy to start cooperation with you, promising a guarantee of high quality.

Magento development process

Magento web development services are provided according to a similar principle, however, it can change dramatically depending on specific businessman’s requirements. OnePix in order to achieve maximum performance indicators, adaptability to search engines, we produce projects according to following procedure.

In-depth technical specifications analysis

Qualified specialists study terms of reference, compile blank for project manager, clarifying ambiguities with client. It is important for us to satisfy each individual request; in this regard, experts delve into literally every technical specifications item in order to fully comply with built web site expectations.

Preparation of a personal effective development plan

Experienced project manager, after receiving the required materials, draws up an effective project implementation plan that exactly meets the technical recommendations. The effectiveness of the plan lies in the distribution of workflow to different groups of the team for subsequent parallel execution. The simultaneous power of employees obviously significantly speeds up the workflow, ensuring that all tasks are completed on time.

Building unique result-oriented marketing strategy

Trained marketing experts draw up a conceptual promotion plan according to modern relevant methods. Similar strategies include free & paid promotions. Adhering to an optimized business expansion strategy usually leads to high results and company success. You can hire highly professional marketers at OnePix separately to fulfill your business needs.

Creative design pattern Creation

Trained designers with many experience years in web design & graphic design are starting implementing layout based on marketing calculations. Final website look directly depends on these specialists’ work, which is why we coordinate each subsequent step with client during designing process. This method allows us to create exactly the style that you consider ideal.

User interface production

Front-end programmers using modern technologies for developing user interfaces build the client side of the website/web application. The visual performance of the product, including interactive elements, depends on this work. The OnePix team consists of exclusively trained, highly qualified front-end specialists with deep knowledge of relevant frameworks that accelerate development. The use of new libraries & tools guarantees a faster, streamlined approach to completing tasks.

Server-side functionality implementation

Backend programmers have the latest skills of popular backend frameworks, which promises the implementation of complex multi-level functionality in a short time. We are proud of each individual specialist in the team of back-end senior experts and conduct regular retraining in order to increase the potential of the team. You can also hire a professional team of Magento backend programmers to perform tasks related to the expansion / adjustment of functionality on an already existing solution.

Testers analyzing & bugs detecting

Competent testers carry out the required tests and checks to detect hidden bugs & errors. No matter how experienced backend developers are, there may be times when they don’t find bug, but it will be found by testers. If there are bugs, testers submit product for bug fixes, and when website is fully functional without any errors, it is put to SEO experts.

SEO optimization

SEO experts highlight semantic core by determining website niche, making up key search queries cluster. After this procedure, SEO specialists, together with SEO copywriters, are engaged in content management, compiling unique descriptions for automatic resource promotion and ranking in popular search engines.

Product release & hosting setup

Separate OnePix team makes required hosting settings, allocating the required amount of disk space and setting up the server. After the website is fully prepared for release, it is uploaded to the hosting and published on the domain chosen by the client. From now on, our work is done, but we also provide maintenance services for the Magento site produced.

eCommerce website building cost

It is extremely difficult to name the exact cost of creating a unique website according to the terms of reference before determining the amount of work. The implementation of web projects does not have a fixed cost, since each work is unique. However, you can quickly reveal information about the final cost of our services by providing the consultant with materials, including technical specifications.

Get accurate information about the cost of implementing your digital project right now. Contact our specialist in an acceptable way, which you can find on our website, or leave a request for a call back. OnePix consultant will provide you with answers to all questions regarding the price and not only. A special brief will allow you to pinpoint the scope of technical requirements and set deadlines. We are waiting for your request and look forward to working with you!

Hire Magento developers from OnePix

Hire highly qualified IT experts in an experienced agency. We use relevant technologies and have a complete understanding of this e-commerce platform, which guarantees the execution of all assigned tasks according to deadlines, regardless of the complexity of the client’s technical specifications. We also accurse our customers with an acceptable cost, as the optimization of workflow processes can save a lot of time.

Looking forward to Magento development services, you should leave a request in feedback form/write in an acceptable messenger. The operator will process your request and respond to you by providing a free consultation, clarifying each question of interest. You will be able to clarify information about price lists and go through a brief to determine volumes by setting deadlines.

Our values

  • Reliability and confidence

    Reliability and confidence

    We divide the project into stages. You only pay for the result of each stage.
  • Transparency of processes

    Transparency of processes

    Our managers provide regular reporting through the Hubstuff tracking system
  • International standards

    International standards

    We use world standards in website development and project management.
  • Long-term relationships

    Long-term relationships

    Between immediate benefits and permanent partnership, we choose the second option.

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As part of the consultation on the creation of a website or application, we will clarify the necessary information for the analysis of your project

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Technical specifications

Creating a website with a controlled result requires a detailed technical task for development, which will not leave space for fictions and will allow you to structure tasks — this is the key to the success of any successful project. The client must receive exactly the product that was agreed upon.
Convenient format
You can choose the format yourself: Notion, Doc or hh
Everything is ready in 5 days
Get a resume and a cover letter on request in 5 working days
Convenient format
No need to call up, the expert will ask all the questions in the chat

How we work

We break down the work into stages
Technical specification is a document that describes the goals, requirements, and functionality of a web project under development, and also defines clear timeline for its implementation. The technical specification is essential for the success of any project as it ensures that the client receives exactly the product agreed upon.The technical specification is the basis for communication between the client and the developer and serves as a guide for all stages of development.The clear project structure provided in the document protects the client from additional unplanned expenses that may arise without it.
Wireframing process is creating visual flowcharts that define the interface architecture and arrangement of all elements on the pages of the website or mobile application. Such prototypes demonstrate and determine where exactly and in what proportions functional blocks will be implemented. A prototype forms the basis, and then designers create a visualization of the project. Recommendation materials and references agreed upon with the client and reflected in the technical specifications can also help the designers. Generally, the materials relate to colors, shapes, and logos that should organically appear on the new site.
The modern approach assumes the presence of block elements for arranging content on pages. Under this approach, any new page can be assembled of existing elements in an original or standardized layout. It makes further content management easier even in cases when a client decides to do it on their own. When the layouts and elements are ready, they are sent to the client for approval.
Then design layouts are sent to the front-end developer, whose task is to turn the template into code and connect the layout with the control system. First, a home/landing page is created. Then, all subpages are added following the site hierarchy. Dynamic elements and adaptability for mobile devices are implemented after the static layout is ready. Then, layout files go through testing by an expert who scans for bugs on the user side using various devices and browsers, checks the code validity, and whether the final layout corresponds to the initial one. The results of this stage are provided to the client.
In our company, QA (quality assurance) occupies a special place. We not only do testing as such, but we also ensure the quality of the final product. The process starts with the communication with our clients who inform us about their general needs and the ultimate goal. At this point, we figure out how to make sure that the final product will be spotless. Further, (at the stages of design creation, development, implementation) we responsibly keep on pursuing our goal - creation of an excellent product. This implies design development that fully satisfies our customers & the application of the latest technologies & writing autotests for catching bugs at the earliest stage & compiling a complete project documentation (test plan, checklists, test cases, etc.)
This stage comes before delivery to the client and includes final testing of the project, code review, code optimisation, and project launch. It is important to test all the aspects so that a user doesn’t face any errors in the release version and a client doesn’t miss the commercial benefit. Each software module and all the visual elements are thoroughly checked for errors and breakdowns. We use code validators and cross-code reviews to ensure that the project complies with current web standards and meets all the requirements of the technical specification. Valid code is required for cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility, as well as for SEO. After the site has been thoroughly checked, the next step is uploading the project to the server. After successful uploading, the project is checked again to ensure its integrity and exclude possible errors.
Maintenance after project delivery includes monitoring, improvements, and regular updates. It is important to remember that a website is more of a service than a product. Submitting and uploading the site to the client’s server is not enough. It is necessary to monitor the website under load within 1-3 months to ensure that it works correctly for mass use. That will adjust its performance if the client’s business has a seasonality factor. For example, a feedback system added to the website will enable the detection of possible problems that only end users face. In this case the highest priority is to fix the problems as quickly as possible - If you don't, one day you may find your clients prefer using a different site.

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