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Delivery application development

Developing mobile applications for delivery

Over the past 2 years, that is, the incidence with the pandemic incidence and is now actively developing the delivery market. Everything: food from a restaurant and products from stores, consumer goods ordered on marketplaces, and in general everything that fantasy can get to. Only in 2021, on a global scale, the market for these services grew by 48%, that is, one and a half times. And this despite the fact that, due to the global catering pandemic, sales by more than 20%!

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Delivery App Development Company

Online delivery services has become an integral part of the market strategy, even for classic establishments such as bakeries. Moreover, some cafes, pizzerias and even individual restaurants within the framework of network projects have switched exclusively to online delivery, stopping customer service in the hall.

Does it mean that it is already too late for newly created projects to invade this market area? Not at all. You just need in developing mobile applications for delivery as well. That is the key to get success in the market. We will tell you further what you need to focus on, and you will understand that it would be much more correct to entrust the development of such delivery app to professionals. Just like in OnePix development company.

Format of interaction with partners and customers

You can work with any one catering establishment, with a whole network or with random points. It is important to correctly build a convenient process of interaction with partners so that all business processes are as cheap as possible. You need to think about how new orders will be accepted and how user support will be provided in disputable situations.

The functionality of the software product depends on this choice. It is possible that you will need to create several types of food delivery services at once: for clients, administrators, and for couriers.

Definition of the target audiences of food delivery apps

For creating as business model as delivery app, you need to create a descriptive portrait of your potential client. In particular, you need to determine what their approximate level of income, lifestyle, approximate areas of employment, habits and hobbies. As experience shows, the most preferred audience is people born in the first decade of the 21st century. They are more willing to spend money on buying food (and everything else) to order, so exactly on them should be targeted on demand delivery app.

How do food delivery apps work

When creating on demand delivery service, specialists should take into account the characteristics of the target audience for which delivery app being launched on the market will be designed and make it attractive specifically for the dominant social group. Developing mobile applications for delivery requires logical thinking and promotional skills from creators. OnePix employees are complex specialists who know how to formulate goals and understand how to make a software product desirable from potential consumers. Hire development team at OnePix and you won’t have to consult with professional marketers when creating delivery service app.

Own differences from the others delivery services

Now there is a significant number of on demand delivery services on food delivery market. From pizza and order food to set meals for a month in advance. When creating your own delivery app, you need to think about how it will differ from competitors and focus on these differences. This is guaranteed to attract users to you. Moreover, this way your own delivery system can even wins some market share in food industry from other projects.

And of course, first of all, the differences should relate to the delivery app being developed – it is it that users will associate with the quality of the services provided. So, there is no need to try to create such a responsible segment of your on demand delivery business as a software application “on the knee”. Entrust the software development of mobile apps to professionals from the OnePix company.

What should be the application?

To win customer loyalty, the delivery app must have an intuitive interface, and in addition, have a functional and attractive design. OnePix developers have the necessary competencies to create a functional and user-friendly software product that will be a pleasure to use. When creating, attention is paid to the following points.

Simple interface of on demand delivery apps

It is necessary to create such customer app in which the user needs to click on the smartphone screen just a couple of times to make delivery request
(and both times making a functional choice). Too complex software products that users will be bored to understand should not be allowed.

How to build on demand delivery app with nice design

All pictures and photos should be of high quality, but load quickly. It is important to observe the fine line between beauty and functionality. No one wants to use delivery app that offends the sense of beauty.

How to create on demand delivery app – secure payment gateway

To arrange delivery, you need to provide a secure payment in food delivery app. Customers’ personal data should be securely protected, but it should be possible to save them directly on the site so that users do not have to re-enter them regularly.

Loyalty accounting

App users must be encouraged, keep a record of their order history, earn points, provide promotional codes and provide timely discounts and special offers. Moreover, this system should progress for those customers who order regularly.

In order to properly stimulate customers, you need to regularly receive feedback from them regarding the quality of the services provided. In this way, you can focus on aspects of delivery that are of particular importance to customers, and significantly improve them.

Loyalty programs should be created as a system inside a delivery app, and not every developer is able to correctly implement analytics algorithms in a software package. Specialists from OnePix – they can!

Tracking in food delivery app

Customers don’t like to wait especially when they are hungry. But in the case of ordering, it is impossible to avoid a waiting period. Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that this delivery process is minimally unpleasant for the client. A person always strives to control, if possible, everything he has to do with – so give him an opportunity to track delivery status – the location of the delivery drivers who carry his order. Seeing how the tracker moves on a virtual map, the ordering process will not seem so long to them.

It is important to fit correctly the geopositioning and real time tracking system into the software on demand app, and even more important is the ability to make corrective settings for this module. You will not be able to do without professional specialists.

Push Notifications

You need to inform users about the latest in your delivery service. These can be: special promotions; discounts and even design updates (users love it when a mobile app dynamically changes for the better). The best way to do this is to send short notifications. This way you will, as it were, not let people forget about your project.

Clear interface and content structure

Software developers from OnePix have rich experience in creating mobile applications for various business areas. They reasonably proceed from the fact that any user application designed for a wide audience should be as accessible as possible to customers.

It means:

  1. Lack of content that is difficult to understand (readable text, understandable thematic images).
  2. The simplest structure of the delivery app itself, in which users simply cannot get confused.
  3. Nice design and pictures that whet your appetite.

How many similar projects did not “shoot” just because the developers “stuffed” everything that was possible into the application. And the main thing is that users did not need it at all. Do not repeat these mistakes and invite developers who know how to do it right.

How much does it cost to develop a mobile application?

The estimated cost of creating a delivery app is individual for each specific case. Moreover, the cost varies depending on what kind of functionality you want to add to the application.

You can consider these examples:

  • the cost of developing mobile applications for delivery for cafe or restaurant costs like a middle class car;
  • the price of developing a delivery application for a restaurant or cafe with a separate option for couriers (courier app with admin panel) – 30% more expensive;
  • if you need a format similar to a “promoted” aggregator, then here the development costs like a luxury car (cheap luxury);
  • if you need to aggregate your delivery app with CRM-systems of well-known brands, then the cost can start from S-class car level.

As you can see, the amounts are not small. Therefore, you should definitely analyze whether you need this or that option or binding. It may be needed, but in the future, for now, you can do without it. In order not to overpay, you should initially turn to professionals who understand what you really need to focus on – what, maybe even overpay for, and what to refuse altogether.

All OnePix specialists are certified professionals who value their reputation. They will never impose expensive “features” on the client, which at the same time will not bring proper benefits to the project of developing mobile applications for delivery.

Severak words about OnePix company

OnePix has a very large number of highly professional IT specialists with competencies (including rare ones), as well as experience in developing both specialized and standardized software products: websites, mobile applications, even entire platforms.

By contacting us, you will be able to evaluate the portfolio of our specialists and choose specifically those who are best suited for the implementation of your project.

By signing smart contracts with them, you:

  1. Limit your costs to the amounts specified in the contracts.
  2. Guarantee yourself that your project will be implemented on time.
  3. Provide yourself with confidence that the mobile application of your delivery project will be of the highest quality, and you can use it to monetize your project.

Contact us – we will be looking forward to establishing cooperation with you!

Our values

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    Reliability and confidence

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    Transparency of processes

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    Long-term relationships

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Pre-project documentation preparation

Pre-project Documentation preparation

Pre-project documentation preparation

The pre-project stage is a detailed architectural and construction plan of a project – a set of instructions reflecting the general logic of a web service to achieve extraordinary results.

Preparation of technical requirements

Preparation of Technical Requirements

Preparation of technical requirements

At this stage, we create a document describing the goals and objectives set for the developers and implement the optimal development strategy.




This consists of prototyping and development of design layouts.

The design stage is devoted to creating visual block diagrams that define the resource architecture and the location of all elements of platforms.

Front-end development

Front-end Development

Front-end development

During this stage, we hand over our design layouts to our team of front-end developers. They turn the template into code and link the structure to the control system. Next, the layout files go through the testing stage.

Back-end development

Back-end Development

Back-end development

This stage includes setting up the server, implementing the functional areas of the site, and linking them to the CMS system database, integrating the system with the user, etc.

Project release

Project Release

Project release

This stage precedes delivery to the customer. It is accompanied by final project testing, code review (code diagnostics and optimization), and the project launch.




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