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We do websites and plugins.

We do websites and plugins.

We are an experienced development team, which is engaged in turnkey development. We are suitable for your project. Our consultation is free. Contact us for research your project.

Our created websites

From layout and color scheme to navigation and content, every facet of the site must be thoroughly considered to ensure ease of use and pleasing to the eye. By using the latest design trends and technology, as well as constantly testing and improving the site, we can create a truly beautiful and functional site that will attract and delight visitors.

Technological stack

Onepix WordPress Development
Onepix WooCommerce Development
Onepix PHP Development
Onepix Laravel Development

Success stories

Right-thinking management
is our key to success

We manage our teams and projects according to the Adizes Methodology. It’s a system popular worldwide that has worked for about half a century. It classifies team members into four categories. Their well-organized combination based on the balance of competencies and personal talents leads to the coherent working team we’ve managed to create.

Website development services company

This management system establishes an employee personality type to help understand how to communicate with each part of the team. Thanks to this approach, we've built a community of remote workers, and we are proud of it!

Our team

Meet core geeks of our company!

CEO and Lead Manager of the company
Vadim L.
CEO and Lead Manager of the company
Chief Marketing Officer, Commercial Manager
Ilya V.
Chief Marketing Officer, Commercial Manager
Team Leader for Project Managers & Team Leads
Artyom B.
Team Leader for Project Managers & Team Leads
Chief Technology Officer
Anton D.
Chief Technology Officer
Misha R.

Why choose us?

Reliability and high quality of service
Reliability and high‑quality service

Trustworthy and reliable team delivering top-notch websites and apps. Count on us to meet your development needs with speed and precision.

Transparent project management
Transparent project management

The OnePix team provides a high level of project management throughout the web development process for a seamless execution of your project.

International standards of development
International standards of development

Expertise and perfection in every line of code. Our team uses international best practices to provide top-notch design and code writing for web services.

Focus on long‑term cooperation
Focus on long‑term cooperation

We work worldwide. For us it is important that the business of our clients grow and develop. So we are focused on long-term cooperation.

Get a free consultation on web development projects

Get free consult

  • Our representative contacts you within 24 hours
  • We collect all the necessary requirements from you
  • The team of analysts and developers prepare estimation
Ger free consult

We cooperate with more than 120 companies around the world

Our real-time roadmap allows you to
follow the process from start to finish

Our Hubstaff system allows you to track the project
development every step of the way

Pre-project documentation preparation

The pre-project stage is a detailed architectural and construction plan of a project – a set of instructions reflecting the general logic of a web service to achieve extraordinary results.

Preparation of technical requirements

At this stage, we create a document describing the goals and objectives set for the developers and implement the optimal development strategy.


This consists of prototyping and development of design layouts.

The design stage is devoted to creating visual block diagrams that define the resource architecture and the location of all elements of platforms.

Front-end development

During this stage, we hand over our design layouts to our team of front-end developers. They turn the template into code and link the structure to the control system. Next, the layout files go through the testing stage.

Back-end development

This stage includes setting up the server, implementing the functional areas of the site, and linking them to the CMS system database, integrating the system with the user, etc.

Project release

This stage precedes delivery to the customer. It is accompanied by final project testing, code review (code diagnostics and optimization), and the project launch.


Websites may crash from time to time, so it’s essential to ensure a solid support process. We are a reliable partner who will live up to your expectations and ensure top-notch site support.

We are ready to consider your project

We are ready to consider your project

We are ready to consider your project, calculate the cost and make the best offer for you. Have some questions? Just leave a request. We will advise you free of charge within 24 hours.

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