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Online School Education Abroad


The project is an educational platform with elements of e-Commerce and tour modules to enable booking vouchers for education abroad.

It is developed on CMS WordPress, with a range of custom solutions, including a filter on VUE.JS.

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About the project

When developing the features of testing new students and synchronisation with the client’s custom CRM system were taken into account.

ZazaSchool has a regular staff of teachers providing educational services, and experts forming tours and accompanying students who go to study abroad.

Target audience

The target audience of ZazaSchool is extensive, since the company’s clients are people who want to improve their skills. They have a great choice – more than a hundred of courses are available on the site.

The users are likely interested in improving their language skills for employment, passing international exams, travelling or having an educational trip abroad.

The project programs are developed for:

  • children 7+

  • teenagers 13+

  • adults 18+

  • students 50+

Language programs are available for any level – from Beginner to Advanced.

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Zaza School

Technical specification

Developing an LMS system, a system of course catalogues, as well as an electronic storefront of educational tours.

The work of the staff is organised in such a way that it is possible to carry out educational activities for students from anywhere in the world.

First block

The first frame of the home page contains a multi-form. Its task is redirecting a lead to one of 2 main sales funnels – booking online courses or study tours abroad.

There are two forms within this section:

1. The left green form is developed for choosing an online course, where a pop-up window appears when clicking and allows you to select either a language or subject.

Zaza School

2. The right, blue form is aimed at those who are looking for educational programs abroad. When choosing a country or language, users are redirected to another form, where additional data is required.

Zaza School
  • duration

  • by price

  • travel budget

  • country

  • city

  • language

When clicking the “Advanced search”, additional fields appear:

Zaza School

After entering the parameters, a personal list of offers is formed.

Zaza School

Below the block with forms, there is a frame with benefits, discount offers and a “Start now” button, which takes users to the “Learn online” landing page when clicked, and transfers them to a frame with a list of individual lessons and a filter.

Zaza School

Users are able to add the package of lessons into the shopping cart and pay for the order within this interface.

Zaza School

Shopping cart

The shopping cart is implemented separately from the checkout. Users can change the set of goods, delete or add the required number of products. After confirming and clicking on “Checkout”, users go to checkout.

Zaza School


This page has the following fields to fill in:

  • name

  • country

  • region

  • city / town

  • address

  • postcode

  • phone

  • email

  • payment method

  • CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing
    test to tell Computers and Humans Apart)

The list of selected products with the total amount is duplicated separately, with no possibility to edit.

To make payment more convenient, a lot of payment methods and the following payment gateways were connected:

  • Alfa Bank acquiring (credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay)

  • PayPal

  • Alfa-click

  • Qiwi Wallet

  • Webmoney

  • Sberbank Online

  • Yandex Checkout

  • Tinkoff Bank acquiring

Zaza School
Zaza School

Subjects selection

This module is a filter, and it duplicates the lead magnet.

This is an interactive module for selecting items in the form of a diagram. When choosing a subject, the button “Book a course” transfers users to the filters of the selected attribute on the “Online education” page.

Zaza School

Information blocks

These blocks contain information about the project, interaction format between school and students, and users’ purposes.

  • Certified teachers
  • All learning materials included
  • 24/7 online course
  • Purpose of studying
  • Destination and duration
  • Any age group and language level
Zaza School

Corporate frame

This section provides information about:

  • Team

  • Story of success

  • HR

  • Certification by the school

Zaza School


The catalogue where all the teachers appear was developed, and a special filter was created.

The selection is based on the following parameters:

Languages or subjects:

  • Portuguese

  • Italian

  • Chinese

  • Japanese

  • Hebrew

  • Turkish

  • Korean

  • Norwegian

  • Maths

  • History

  • Literature

  • English

  • French

  • Russian

  • Arabic

  • German

  • Spanish

Native / Non-native teacher

Zaza School

Course types:

  • General English

  • Business course

  • Speaking classes

  • Course for children

  • SFE* / USE*


*SFE – State Final Examination
*USE – Unified State Examination

Zaza School

Mobile version

50% of traffic to the site are mobile devices and tablets, with special care was worked out the adaptability of all templates on the project.

Teacher’s profile

Teacher’s profile is a separately developed template for each Zaza teacher.

There is a teacher’s profile picture, name, area of expertise, category and video on the page.

It is possible to sign up for a trial lesson with a particular teacher.

Zaza School

Multilingual website

Since the client provides services all over the world, a website was done multilingual. Within the framework of this project the following languages were added:

  • Russian

  • English

  • German

  • French

  • Arabic

  • Portuguese

  • Spanish

Zaza School


A blogging system for publishing quizzes was also implemented. There is a sidebar with a list of quizzes on the right of the page. They are constantly updated and created for different topics. Users are asked to enter their emails to get the test result at the end of quizzes.

Zaza School


This page contains reviews in several formats.

1. Reviews uploaded using Instagram API. When clicking on a review, a PopUp window appears with an Instagram feed.

2. Reviews added using the admin panel. This frame provides adding video and text reviews on the left side.

Zaza School


Zaza School

Header contains the company logo, switches between the main website sections and language versions.

A two-level navigation bar was implemented. The second level provides navigation inside the current page and is initially hidden. This functionality is implemented on the “STUDY ONLINE” page. When clicking “cost”, users move to a specific section within the selected page.


Footer contains secondary pages, links to social networks, and a logo without text symbols.

Website styles

  • #83C000
  • #C2DA6E
  • #048DCB
  • #47B9EC

Website elements

Zaza School
Zaza School


  • Headings and normal text styles


    • Aa
    • Bb
    • Cc
    • Dd
    • Ee
    • Ff
    • Gg
    • Hh
    • Ii
    • Jj
    • Kk
    • Ll
    • Mm
    • Nn
    • Oo
    • Pp
    • Qq
    • Rr
    • Ss
    • Tt
    • Uu
    • Vv
    • Ww
    • Xx
    • Yy
    • Zz

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