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Woolberries title

Online store of yarn
and accessories for needlework


A fast-growing federal-level web project for the sale of yarn and yarn products. The store is focused on both wholesale and retail sales.

Online store is just a part of a very ambitious project “Woolberries, there will be training materials on the website soon to help handicrafts men create their clothes from yarn.

About the project

WoolBerries is a project striving to become the leader in yarn sales in Russia. Interesting marketing implementations and high-quality design allow the project to grow constantly.

The website team works with all buyers throughout Russia, covering the maximum possible delivery zone in 1117 cities of the country.

Site image

Woolberries 12

Target audience

  • Needlework amateurs

    These are mass-market customers who have different interests and preferences, but are interested in yarn and knitting. They are at almost any age from 12-70, mostly women; on the website they purchase goods for hobby.

  • Handicrafts men

    These are semi-professionals and professionals who knit in large amounts and create products for sale. Delivery time and quality of the supplied yarn are important for these users. There are special conditions for those who buy in large amounts.

Technical specifications

To design an online store with a convenient search and display of goods for a target audience of the middle age category, to develop website design taking global trends into account, to enable goods aggregation services, such as:

  • Yandex.Маркет

  • Merchant Center

There’s an opportunity for sellers to leave information about their products and stores on these interactive online recommendation platforms, that are relevant tools for attracting potential buyers. Products are shown in separate blocks in Yandex and Google search engines along with other online stores.


54% users are from Moscow
and Saint Petersburg
46% users are from regions of the Russian Federation
28% of PCs and laptops
72% of smartphones and tablets
55% of the audience is female
45% of the audience is male


Homepage is designed to display the main categories and types of products in the online store.

The page consists of blocks that allows to transform, move and create new blocks without breaking the visual concept.

  • Woolberries
  • Woolberries


The online store product catalogue is divided into 5 main sections:

  • handmade tools
  • literature about yarn
  • finished yarn products
  • accessories for needlework
  • yarn (yarn bobbins, skeins of yarn)

There is a filter implemented In the left part of the catalogue, that allows you to select products by key characteristics. The filter can be easily customised and edited in the website’s admin panel.

Thumbnails are designed in such a way that you can open the product card on a separate page.

However, the comparison module opens as a separate pop-up window and as a separate link, where the entire list of options for comparison is displayed.

  • Woolberries
  • Woolberries

Product comparison module

This functionality is implemented and is used mostly if the yarn has similar colour shades and composition. Yarn is compared using the following parameters:

  • price

  • stock availability or delivery

  • brand name of manufacturers

  • product weight

  • season

  • yarn composition

  • product type

Woolberries 13


This is a functionality that saves buyers’ wishlists in order to fix a set of goods that may not be purchased now, but needed later when a potential client returns to the website.

It keeps information about the session for a month, which is assigned to a specific device and browser. If a person visits the website for the second time and has products in his favorites, they will be able to buy an individual set of products that they liked without making a list of necessary products again.

Woolberries 14

Mobile version

It’s not a secret that mobile traffic is 70%+ on the Internet and 50%+ in eCommerce in 2020. Underestimating the quality of website presentation on mobile devices means suffering hidden losses and losing revenue. Hence, we always work very carefully on the responsiveness of web projects for both smartphones and tablets.

  • Woolberries
  • Woolberries
  • Woolberries
  • Woolberries
  • Woolberries
  • Woolberries

Product card page

Product cards are based on the WooCommerce plugin, but with a number of functional customisations.

Most products are variable – for example, one yarn model may have different colours and their selection is made within the same product card. Different colours have unique identifiers in the form of numbers taken into account in the warehouse program of the online store, which allows you to display up-to-date information on the warehouse balances of a particular product.

Besides, the product card has a separate block with a list of recommendations for users.

  • Woolberries
  • Woolberries

Shopping cart

When there are products in the shopping cart, the selected number of products is shown both next to the cart icon in the header, and in the attached box available in the lower right corner, regardless of where you are on the page. If there are no selected products, this module is not displayed.

When you confirm selected goods and click on the “Add to cart” button located in the product card, a PopUp window opens with an offer to place an order and then go to checkout or continue shopping.

The cart has an option to use individual discount coupons issued for WoolBerries promotions.

When a client has checked the list of goods, they click on the “Place an order” button, after that they receive a short form to fill: name, surname, phone number, e-mail, delivery address and payment method.

After that a user goes to the payment gateway of an electronic payment system or a bank to confirm the order.

  • Woolberries
  • Woolberries

Site image

Woolberries 15

Navigation bar

The website header has three levels

— the first level is information pages

— the second level is contact information, such as phone number, callback and e-mail. There are interactive modules on the right side: shopping cart, favorites and a stylised button for signing in to a personal account of the store.

— the third level is navigation elements that allow you to navigate through categories and subcategories of the catalogue.

Woolberries 16
Woolberries 17

Final block

At the moment final blocks of the home page consist of a list of company’s benefits:

  • world brands

  • quality assurance

  • high quality service

  • fast delivery

  • a large range of yarn and knitting products

  • best prices and flexible system of discounts

Woolberries 18
Woolberries 19


The footer is made in a classic 5-column layout.

  • the first column is legal information

  • the second and third are navigation buttons

  • the fourth is contact details and company address

  • the fifth is possible forms of payment

Woolberries 20
Woolberries 21

Website styles

  • #3D56AD
  • #000000
  • #6B6B6B
  • #727272

Website elements

Woolberries 22
Woolberries 23


  • Headings and normal text styles


    • Aa
    • Bb
    • Cc
    • Dd
    • Ee
    • Ff
    • Gg
    • Hh
    • Ii
    • Jj
    • Kk
    • Ll
    • Mm
    • Nn
    • Oo
    • Pp
    • Qq
    • Rr
    • Ss
    • Tt
    • Uu
    • Vv
    • Ww
    • Xx
    • Yy
    • Zz

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