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React Native
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Development time

14 months until the demo release


1 PM, 4 Frontend, 2 Backend, 2 QA, 3 Design

Project status

The project continues to evolve and scale

About the client

The client is a wedding planner from Dublin who decided to simplify life for vendors and couples by developing an app where vendors can offer their services and couples can book them.

The primary target audience of the project includes couples preparing for their wedding and vendors ready to assist them. The app will also be useful for wedding planners looking for contractors.

The Situation

The client has been organizing weddings for several years and knows firsthand how much time and effort it takes to find a reliable contractor who can deliver quality work on time. There were no apps on the local market to simplify the vendor selection process, so the client decided to take matters into his own hands and came to us for development.


The client approached us for the development of a convenient and functional application that would help customers find the perfect service provider for their needs, while also enabling providers to attract as many clients as possible.

Key requirements for the future application included its cross-platform compatibility, user-friendly interface, the presence of a personal account for vendors, and an engaging vendor selection system in the form of a game.

Wendor banner


To meet the client’s objectives, we decided to:

1. Develop a cross-platform application using React Native;

2. Design a user interface that would be intuitive and convenient for both couples and vendors, ensuring a pleasant user experience;

3. Create a recommendation engine that allows couples to choose vendors based on their visual preferences, engaging them in a gamified process of evaluating vendors’ work;

4. Implement a customer management system into vendors’ personal accounts, enabling them to create automated templates for managing bookings and interacting with clients;

5. Implement convenient search and filtering tools for couples to find the best vendors that meet their needs and budget.

Anastasia lobova pm
Anastasia Lobova
Project manager

The project will be extensive and lengthy in development. Initially, the client wanted to use the mobile application for customers as a unique selling proposition, so we focused primarily on developing this part of the project. However, after over a year of development, the client realized that their main target audience is vendors. After all, it is necessary to form an offer first to create demand, rather than the other way around.

As a result, we had to add extensive functionality for vendors in a short time frame (just 2 months). However, the end product will be convenient for both vendors who want to offer their services and customers who want to book these services.

Currently, the client is preparing for marketing activities to first attract vendors to the dashboard and then encourage customers to use the mobile application.

Functionality for Clients

Vendor selection screens

Vendor Selection Screens

Recommendation Engine

In this section, couples can choose vendors and services based on their visual preferences. Users are presented with an interactive game where they can view photos and videos of various vendors (such as photographers, videographers, florists) and swipe right if they like the work or left if they don’t. Based on the evaluation results, the application provides a list of vendors whose work the user liked the most. This section makes the process of choosing vendors more engaging and visually appealing.

Vendor filters

Vendor Search and Filtering Screens

Search and Filter

With this feature, users can conduct advanced search and filtering of vendors. Couples can customize filters such as location, budget, vendor category, and more to find the perfect contractors for their wedding. This section helps users save time by choosing options that meet their specific needs.

Customer profile screens

Customer Profile Screens

Customer Profile

On the couple’s personal page, they can fill in details about themselves: record a short voice message or text about their relationship and wedding plans; add the date and location of the wedding ceremony, as well as up to 3 additional locations to help vendors understand where their services will be needed – at the wedding venue or at home where the couple will be preparing for the big day. On this same page, the couple can add links or images to inspire vendors and convey the atmosphere they expect for their wedding.

Customer chat screens

Customer Chat Screens

Customer Chat

In the app, there is a chat feature where customers can communicate with vendors whose services they have booked. Additionally, there is a dedicated chat with customer support, where users can reach out at any time with any questions related to the functioning of the app.

Vendor booking screens

Vendor Booking Screens

Booking Functionality

The main functionality of the application is booking vendor services. After the user selects a vendor they like and finds the service they need, they can book it instantly, without confirmation from the vendor, or send a booking request that the vendor must confirm. Vendors set up booking package settings themselves. After successful booking confirmation, the customer can pay a deposit if the vendor has set up such a setting.

Vendor Functionality

Vendor login screen

Vendor Login Screen

Vendor Personal Account

For vendors and wedding service providers, this section offers numerous opportunities for efficient management and promotion of their business. It includes CRM functionality, where vendors can create automated templates for managing bookings, sending questionnaires, emails, contracts, and invoices to clients. This tool streamlines vendor-client interactions and business process management.

Vendor dashboard

Vendor Dashboard

Vendor Dashboard

On the vendor’s home screen, the user sees a sidebar with a list of all sections, a calendar with all bookings and additional events added through CRM (Workflow Templates), a list of recent notifications, statistics on received and upcoming payments, and the total number of bookings.

Vendor profile

Vendor Profile

Vendor Profile

On the vendor’s personal page, they can view their page as seen by clients in the mobile application. The user can fill in their contact information, add links to social media, upload their best work, and provide links to their portfolio.

Vendor bookings screen

Vendor Bookings Screen


In this section, there is a list of all the vendor’s bookings, divided into statuses: active, pending confirmation, canceled, and past. The vendor can also manually add a booking on behalf of the client in case, for example, the client encounters difficulties using the application or is unable to use it.

Workflow templates screen

Workflow Templates Screen

Workflow Templates

In the Workflow Templates section, the vendor can create templates to automate their work. They have the option to add a list of routine tasks that they don’t want to spend time on, such as sending a template welcome email or reminding the client and themselves about a meeting/call. In the templates section, vendors have access to four categories of automatic events: tasks, reminders, automation (automatic sending of emails/questionnaires/contracts), and additional services.

Contract editing screen

Contract Editing Screen

Creating a Contract Template

In this section, the vendor can create contract templates for each of their services and use shortcodes to insert specific client contact information and payment details into the document. This helps significantly streamline work and save many hours that the vendor can spend on more important tasks, such as wedding preparation.

Project Landing Page

"wendor" project landing page

“Wendor” Project Landing Page

Project Landing Page

The landing page briefly describes the project as a whole and provides customers with the opportunity to download the Wendor app from the respective app store, while vendors can access the registration screen and become participants of the Wendor Pro service.

Stages of work



The client provided initial designs for the Wendor project, which were later refined and adjusted to enhance the user experience.

Changes included improving navigation, refining layouts, adapting for different platforms, and taking into account feedback from testers and users.



The Wendor application’s layout is implemented using React Native, ensuring cross-platform compatibility and enabling the app to run on different mobile devices, such as iOS and Android.

For the vendor dashboard, the layout is implemented using standard web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (JS). This provides easy integration and convenient content management.



During the backend development phase, the developer prepared endpoints necessary for communication between the application and the vendor dashboard. Additionally, they implemented subscription functionality for vendors, integrated the Stripe payment system for application users, and configured synchronization with Google accounts to add booking information to the calendar.



For testing, two specialists were engaged: one monitored the proper functioning of the application, while the other focused on the vendor dashboard.

Numerous tests were also conducted to verify the functionality of the chat for customers and vendors, as well as the correctness of creating bookings for different types of services.


  1. Successful Platform Launch

    The project has been successfully launched, and the mobile application is available for couples, while the vendor dashboards are efficiently functioning for vendors;

  2. Full-Fledged Recommendation Engine

    An innovative Recommendation Engine has been developed and implemented, providing users with an interactive way to choose vendors based on their visual preferences;

  3. Efficient Vendor Business Management

    Vendor dashboards with CRM functionality enable vendors to more efficiently manage their clients and bookings, contributing to the growth of their businesses;

  4. Expansion of Vendor Client Base

    Vendors have gained access to new clients through the Wendor platform, contributing to the growth of their businesses and increasing the volume of orders;

  5. Full Functionality Across Different Platforms

    The application is available for both iOS and Android users, providing a unified visual experience across different devices.

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