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Corporate wholesale catalogue
on pumping stations and utilities supply


This website is an online catalogue with more than 11,000 warehouse items of equipment that can be ordered from anywhere in Russia.

It is implemented by means of WordPress technology stack and WooCommerce plugin.

About the project

The client is an official dealer of Grundfos company, which is one of the largest manufacturers of pumping stations in Europe.

Vodoteplokomplekt company organises wholesale deliveries of technological equipment and its components to construction sites for water supply, sewerage, drainage and fire suppression systems.

Target audience

  • Engineers

  • Procurement Department specialists

  • Project managers

  • Heads of factory technical bureaus

  • Factory representatives

  • Managers of construction companies

They seek advice from the company or buy specific engineering equipment defined in the specification and project.

Site image

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Technical specifications

Implementation of a corporate website which allows potential and current customers to get the maximum information and recommendation.

The company’s main objective is to ensure that customers get the right equipment at once, with no failures in deliveries or problems during installation.


The homepage is a layout of 6 main sections (except for footer or header).

The first section includes a header and descriptor of the company’s activities. The second part of the section consists of the main advantages of VTKSPB:

  • Official dealer of a Danish company producing engineering equipment

  • Number of items in the main company’s catalogue

  • Opportunity to get a consultation

  • Pricing policy features

The second section – catalogue items

This section is divided into 2 blocks. The first block is a super-fast Ajax that searches through all 11,000 positions and returns results in less than 1 second. The results are shown as a relevant drop-down list with product page titles as tips.

The second block contains the main categories of the website catalogue which look like rectangular and square units with rounded edges:

  • Dosing pumps
  • In-line pumps
  • Pipeline valves
  • Complete sewage pumps
  • Sewage pumps
  • Downhole pumps
  • Overhung impeller pumps
  • Fire suppression stations
  • Pump controllers
  • Pressure increase stations
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Mobile version

It’s not a secret that mobile traffic is 70%+ on the Internet and 50%+ in eCommerce in 2020.

Underestimating the quality of website presentation on mobile devices means suffering hidden losses and losing revenue. Hence, we always work very carefully on the responsiveness of web projects for both smartphones and tablets.

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The catalogue on the website is implemented in JavaScript. There is a SideBar on the left, which contains all the main categories and additional filtering options, such as:

  • Maximum consumption

  • Maximum head

  • Nominal head

  • Maximum working pressure

Catalogue visualization

Buttons for changing the view, displaying thumbnails – lines or in blocks

Switch for the number of displayed product blocks (up to 128 units)

Pagination, allows users to switch between pages

Sorting the product name alphabetically

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Product card page

A product card is a template containing an image, a name, a real warehouse article, an interactive quantity input module and 2 buttons to add to the cart and find out the cost (which is the alternative to usual “one-click buy” )

There are also tabs on the page:

  • Description

  • Characteristics

  • Specification

  • Dimensional drawing (exact diagram with all device parameters)

  • Documents (where you can download a PDF file)

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Catalogue cart

Website checkout and shopping cart is a single page. Implementation of online payment was not required within the business logic of the project and the technical specifications provided by the client.

However, there is such functionality of the cart as accumulation and editing the number of selected products. A user can also see total weight of selected items in the shopping cart.

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Order registration

When placing an order a user fills four fields in:

  • First and last name

  • Phone number

  • Company name

  • E-mail

After that, when a user clicks the button “Place an order”, information about the request will be sent to the manager’s email and recorded in the site’s admin panel.


Equipment for engineering systems

This visual frame was developed to schematically display operation of the pumping equipment sold by VodoTeploKomplekt.

For this purpose the company’s materials were studied and a stylish, creative scheme was drawn in SVG format.


Content pages

A special single-template has been developed for this page format. It is edited by means of Gutenberg, the native WordPress editor.

Besides, special containers were developed to edit unique page elements. They are based on the Advanced Custom Fields PRO plugin and integrated into the site’s admin panel.

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Website styles

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Website elements

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