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Plugin Development for Restaurants and Cafes

Added 60+ features for websites — from orders management to delivery optimization







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Development time

2 months for the MVP. 4 years of technical support and development


1 TM, 1 Backend, 1 QA

Project status

The project continues to develop and scale

About the client

The client develops websites and platforms for cafes, restaurants and food delivery services in Switzerland.  

Lieferchef offers ready-made solutions that help restaurants optimize their online presence and improve customer interaction. The service operates on a subscription basis. 

At the time of the appeal, the company’s main market was Switzerland, while there were plans to expand into the German market. 

Client’s situation

The client wanted to develop a solution that would quickly deploy the platform for restaurants and would bring him income through subscription. He wanted to meet the demand of his target audience for a functional and flexible tool for managing online sales and delivery. He suggested that such a solution would help to improve Lieferchef and reach new heights.  

Since the in-house developer left the company, the client was looking for a partner to implement his idea, and turned to us.


Create a ready-made solution for restaurant and cafe websites. 

It should quickly integrate into the site and provide all the functionality for managing online sales and delivery.

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We have developed a multifunctional plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce, which includes:

  • flexible delivery settings, 
  • convenient management of online orders, 
  • tools to increase sales and improve customer experience. 

Our plugin is easily integrated into the site and does not need constant technical support and updates.

Dmitry Spolokhov TL
Dmitry Spolohov
Project Tech Lead

Working with this customer was truly unique. He did not speak English, so all communication was in German. This fact added its own flavor and sometimes difficulties in communication, but we quickly found a common language. The customer constantly came to us with interesting ideas that were fascinating to bring to life.

At the beginning we have only got a draft code from the previous stages of the project. Thanks to the well-coordinated work of our team, we were able to put it in order and get it into shape.

It was a real challenge, but it was incredibly pleasant to see the result and a satisfied customer.

Implemented features

Restaurant Schedule Settings

Restaurant schedule settings

Viewing the restaurant working hours

The function allows you to flexibly adjust the restaurant’s opening hours for delivery and pickup. The site administrator sets breaks, weekends and lunch time, and the customer will see this information on the site when ordering.

Adding Shipping Addresses

Adding shipping addresses

Managing the delivery area

The function allows you to mark off the delivery zones. The site administrator specifies the address or addresses, and all the conditions that apply for delivery there: minimum order, delivery cost, delivery time, commission. The delivery area can be cut or expanded by removing or adding addresses to the system. We used Google services for the accuracy of the data when entering addresses.

Possibility to Leave a Tip

Possibility to leave a tip

Tipping service

When placing an order, the customer can choose a tip percentage of the price or enter the tip amount manually. The function helps to support the restaurant staff.

Table Booking Functionality

Table booking functionality

Table reservation

The client can reserve a table on the website for a certain time and pre-select dishes in the basket. This is convenient for both the restaurant and the customers, because it speeds up on-site service.

Select Date for Pre-order

Select date for pre-order

30-day pre-order

This is important for large orders, which are better planned in advance. You can place an order for a certain date within 30 days, taking into account the restaurant’s working hours. The restaurant sees the orders in advance and plans the load. The customer does not have to worry whether the restaurant will be able to take such a large order to work and cook everything on time.

Setting up Addons for a Product

Setting up addons for a product

Selection of the dish ingredients

The function helps to personalize the order. If a customer wants to add salami or remove mushrooms from pizza, they can do it right on the website.

Setting up Ancillary Products

Setting up ancillary products

Adding products to an order

The site administrator can set up related products which will be presented to client when placing an order. For example, the site will offer to buy chopsticks, soy sauce and wasabi for sushi. So, the customer will definitely not forget anything when ordering, and the restaurant will increase the average check using this option.

Functionality for Creating PWA

Functionality for creating PWA

PWA (Progressive Web Application)

The function allows you to turn a website into a mobile application in a few clicks. Our solution automatically generates all the necessary files based on site data and outputs existing pages as a PWA application. It is convenient for the client to use its interface, while not having to do unnecessary actions.

Setting up Promotions

Setting up promotions

Setting up promotions

With flexible customization, restaurants can create promotions for individual products or categories, specific days of the week, and delivery types. This function allows to attract new customers and stimulate repeat purchases, increasing overall revenue and meeting the needs of the audience.


  1. We helped the client’s customers simplify online business in the field of catering — from order management to delivery optimization

    60+ functions are implemented into the solution using plugins for WordPress and WooCommerce. 

  2. We helped the client earn money

    The client converted our solution into a product, and is now monetizing it through the sale of subscriptions.

  3. We helped attract a new audience and enter new markets including Germany

    We implemented marketing tools into the solution, such as sending coupons and promotions, which played a key role in the development of the product. 

    Our cooperation with the client continues. We expand the functionality of the product, turning new ideas of the client into reality.

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