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Multifunctional corporate catalog of the federal manufacturer and wholesale supplier of engineering plumbing for heating systems, water supply, sewerage and heating points.

About the project

Fizika Group is one of the leading suppliers of engineering plumbing in the North-Western Federal District of Russia.

Having a supply base, lots of contracts with factories and warehouse structures the company’s assortment has more than 50,000 items.

The company’s production is unique, it is one of the leaders in the production of collectors and collector nodes for water supply systems in Russia.

Target audience

  • Property developers

    Construction companies that need to supply residential or industrial facilities.

    Most purchases are made even at the stage of project formation, since a manufacturer’s brand name of certain engineering units is included in the project estimate.

    Website objectives are finding necessary positions, forming a specification through the shopping cart or simply as an xls table, making a request to the manager, receiving calculation and transaction support from a company representative so that the goods arrive in the requested quantity, proper quality and on time.

  • Project bureaus

    At the beginning of forming a construction object, blueprints are formed and the documentation of what exactly should be installed on the object is laid down.

    During preliminary preparation designers examine the market for the presence of certain aggregates, including the Internet. One of the site goals is to get such specialists represented by users.

  • Wholesale companies

    Companies engaged in staffing and supplying various facilities – for example those that need collector nodes, since Fizika Group is a manufacturer of these systems.

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Fizika group 12

Technical specifications

Implementing a project that allows to stand out from competitors in terms of the visual component, as well as User Experience, and taking into account the current trends in search technologies such as Google and Yandex, possessing a SEO filter and a complex page generator based on downloadable templates.

Home page

The home page concentrates basic information about the company’s format and most navigation elements, so that the first page provides a wide choice in which direction the engineering equipment can be searched: a list of item categories and brands of manufacturers.

  • Fizikagroup
  • Fizikagroup

First screen

In order to save users’ time, the most important feedback elements were highlighted and brought out to the first section of home page:

  • mail

    A feature of the wholesale purchasing market is that mail is the main means of communication between trading companies

  • federal and regional phone numbers

    Having a federal phone number highlights the company’s scale and customer-orientation

  • head office address and opening hours

  • the basic unit of website navigation

  • descriptor of the company

  • callback form for accepting applications

  • slider displaying profitable offers or equipment features

  • Fizikagroup
  • Fizikagroup

Navigation by category

The task was to visually display transitions in categories when using flat icons. Original images were drawn with the lines copied from real photos of the units provided by the customer. This module is editable and information output is implemented through a specially developed plugin.

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Fizika group 13
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Fizika group 14


There are two ways to display brands:

  • The 1st one is a slider where the most popular companies are placed.
  • The 2nd one is a list of all brands arranged in columns.
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Fizika group 15
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Fizika group 16

Information block

Informers are numbers recalculated to the final value using animation: the number of engineering systems, product groups, the number of product names.

A diagram of the engineering systems location was drawn for this block: fire extinguishing, heating, water supply, heating points and sewerage.

The final block of home page

We completed the home page with the opportunity to get contact details of the company’s two head offices, located in Saint Petersburg and Moscow.

We animated the “Call” banner above a unified federal phone number and connected authentic PopUp Windows to “Email to the director” and “Subscribe to news”.

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Fizika group 17

Navigation bar

The top navigation bar has 2 levels, where the first level is occupied by logo and company’s contact details, including the address. The second level is the navigation buttons expanding lists. The lists are only required for categories and customer pages.

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Fizika group 18

The task was to place the following elements when implementing this block:

  1. logo with descriptor
  2. e-mail
    E-mail is the main means of communication between trading companies of the wholesale purchasing market
  3. federal and regional phone numbers
    Having a federal phone number highlights the company’s scale and customer-orientation.
  4. head office address and opening hours
  5. basic navigation elements in accordance with the technical specifications

Mobile version

All website interface elements from the PC version were transferred to the mobile version.

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Fizika group 19

“About the company” pages

It’s a special section devoted to the description of the company and the production of collectors with collector nodes. The task was to implement the landing page background in dark style, create an SVG map with marking the offices, and stylishly place opportunities and descriptions of technical features, partners, company founders and operating principles on the page.

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Fizika group 20


We designed a standard page for getting contact information in such a way that information is displayed alternately – first, from the office in Saint-Petersburg and then, from the one in Moscow. When sending a request via the form, a message goes to the office indicated on the map next to the form.

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Fizika group 21


The website has 2 catalogs linked at different levels: the brand catalog and the stock catalog, where the main categories are also displayed.

  • Fizikagroup
  • Fizikagroup

SEO filter

We developed a unique filter that creates filtering results as separate static pages with their own unique metadata, H1 headers, texts and media content. A unique URL is formed and the pages are entered as in sitemap.xml. The results pages are also editable, that provides a very wide range of opportunities for promotion in search engines.

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Fizika group 22

Product card and shopping cart

The product card is an information page about the product.

The task was to implement the ability to leave a request to the manager without collecting the cart, so that a worker would know which page the request was left from. But at the same time, a user would have a choice of filling the shopping cart with all the necessary goods or making a combined request using the cart with a checkout.

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Fizika group 23

Website styles

  • #ED3A4F
  • #000000
  • #333333

Website elements

Site styles
Fizika group 24


  • Headings and normal text styles


    • Aa
    • Bb
    • Cc
    • Dd
    • Ee
    • Ff
    • Gg
    • Hh
    • Ii
    • Jj
    • Kk
    • Ll
    • Mm
    • Nn
    • Oo
    • Pp
    • Qq
    • Rr
    • Ss
    • Tt
    • Uu
    • Vv
    • Ww
    • Xx
    • Yy
    • Zz

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