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The project is an online music store selling records, CDs and digital versions of tracks worldwide. It presents both modern and retro music.

About the project

The project is implemented on CMS WordPress using WooCommerce plugin. It is interesting because the website is designed for a quick purchase and contains a lot of music styles.

Target audience

  • Music lovers, especially those who like LP vinyl records, since this type of media isn’t common.

  • Professionals related to music. For example, sound engineers who do sound for the cinema and shows. Beat makers and content makers who work in the music industry and create music themselves, looking for unique sounds.

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Technical specification

The task was to implement an online store that could be easily used from anywhere in the world. That’s why our team made it possible to view all product prices in different currencies:

  • Euro
  • US dollar
  • Russian Ruble
  • Japanese Yen
  • British Pound Sterling
  • Chinese Yuan


Home page is not standard, it is implemented according to the customer's design.

It contains 9 frames in three rows, inside of which there are large blocks leading to the main sections and mini-blocks leading to the most popular products.

The first row of blocks contains links to:

  • project news

  • special offers

  • the main catalogue, where the entire range of music is presented

The most popular music styles in the online store are placed in the 2nd and 3rd rows of the frames:

  • Funk
  • Soul
  • Disco
  • Jazz
  • Afro
  • Psych

Navigation bar

Navigation bar is a sticky header implemented in the corporate colours of the project, which is always available as you scroll down the page.

The header contains all the main pages and music styles, authorization and registration of a personal account, search for products of an online store, and a shopping cart.

Records catalogue

Everland Music records catalogue has 5-column listing of products with thumbnails, title, rating and price. Moreover, users can change the number of shown thumbnails from 10 to 30.

Besides, a switch that allows to modify the format into a horizontal list view using Ajax was implemented.

Sorting can be done according to these criteria:

  • by popularity

  • by average rating

  • by latest

  • by price: low to high

  • by price: high to low

Mobile version

Mobile traffic for the music sales niche is 65-70% of the total, that’s why we developed full mobile adaptability for easy shopping from both smartphones and tablets.

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Product card

Products with multiple images can be displayed by an image slider. A magnifying glass is provided to view the album covers in detail.

Left-right switches are implemented to quickly browse albums and switch between product cards, that simplifies navigation.

Products on Everland Music store are variable, which allows you to choose records in the following formats:

  • Digital

  • LP

  • CD

It is possible to add an external bandcamp module for playing a demo or full version of a music track in "ALBUM DESCRIPTION".

Selected products

This functionality is provided for users who need to create a wish list or share some products to other users at once.


Cart and checkout

“ADD TO BASKET" button adds products to the shopping cart. Users can pay through PayPal immediately after selecting the required number of goods without going to checkout.

When you hover over the cart image, a mini-cart appears in the header and shows the entire set of selected products and allows you to go to checkout.

The checkout is divided into 3 columns:

  • payment details, where users specify all the information necessary for its implementation;

  • order overview, where all the selected products with their quantity and total amount are displayed;

  • payment methods, where users choose whether to pay through PayPal or by VISA, MasterCard or American Express.


Currency selection

This tool is adapted for all website modules, including any template of the online store catalogue, shopping cart or checkout. It allows to show the actual price of a particular product in the selected currency.


Music tags

There are 45 categories displaying musical styles on the website. They are present in the EXPLORE section, footer and appear in a pop-up window.


Adding new styles of music and editing them is carried out through the admin panel.


The footer is implemented taking into account the corporate style of the store. It contains a subscription module that allows users to receive special offers by email. The footer consists of 4 thematic blocks:


Website styles

  • #71280E
  • #603729
  • #333333
  • #B4B4B4

Website elements




    Open Sans

    • Aa
    • Bb
    • Cc
    • Dd
    • Ee
    • Ff
    • Gg
    • Hh
    • Ii
    • Jj
    • Kk
    • Ll
    • Mm
    • Nn
    • Oo
    • Pp
    • Qq
    • Rr
    • Ss
    • Tt
    • Uu
    • Vv
    • Ww
    • Xx
    • Yy
    • Zz
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